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I love frogs. They’re cute and they eat the bugs I’d rather not have come into my home. Frogs are quiet tiny creatures that I usually don’t spend a lot of time thinking about until I find them in my garage or under my car’s tire. In such cases, I capture the little guy and put him into my flower bed.

This morning I found a frog on my back deck. The wooden surface stands about five feet high and there are six steps to reach the top. My first thought was that this must be a super frog with a lot of determination. It must have taken him all night to get onto my deck. My second thought was that maybe a hawk had picked him up and dropped him from the air. He didn’t appear hurt, so I’m hoping he just had strong legs and hopped up.

Anyway, one of my dogs took notice of the frog being on the deck. Oreo was determined to protect me and the house from the 2-inch amphibian invasion. I picked up the frog, walked it down the steps, and across the yard to a place where the frog would be shaded from the heat, be hidden from predators, and not be in my dogs’ way. Just as I was about to let him go, he PEED on me!

I must have terrified him. Or, he could have done it to escape–I don’t know.

Let’s just say his large bladder was full. I was quite surprised.

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