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TimeHistorianCover-02272016Time Travel: Time Historian
ISBN: 978-0-9966192-7-1 (ebook), 978-0-9966192-8-8 (paperback)
Released Date: July 2016
Editor: Chelle Olson
Summary:Hank McConnell’s job at the Historical Preservation Agency is to send recorders back to President Lincoln’s time to preserve the actual events of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. An unforeseen problem arises and within an instant he finds himself living in the Confederate States of America, Lincoln was convicted as a war criminal, and slavery existed for another fifty years. More personally distressing, in the new timeline Hank’s wife dies as a child. He never meets her and their three children are never born. He travels to the past to right what went wrong, but is up for the task?
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HPA-SW-Cover_04182016_Final_9000Futuristic: Just in Time (prequel to Time Historian)
ISBN: 978-0-9966192-5-7 (ebook), 978-0-9966192-6-4 (paperback)
Released Date:May 2016
Editor: Chelle Olson
Summary:In the year 2192, technology exists to send digital recorders back in time to witness history. The results are preserved via hollographic images for the world to see.

Managing teams to record history can be stressful enough, but when the government tries to take possession of the proprietary technology from the privately held Historical Preservation Agency, dedicated historian, Caleb Hunter, must rely upon a well-connected, and sexy, developer at a government agency for help.

Can the two of them keep time travel in the hands of historians?
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Vampires exist among us. They can be our neighbor, best friend, our child’s teacher …

They alter their aged appearance based upon the amount of blood they consume. They move to a new area, drink a lot of blood, and appear young. Slowly they limit their intake of blood and age, right in front of our unsuspecting eyes. After decades, they fake their death, move, and do it over and over again.

Most live quiet lives in an effort to blend in.

Some, however, want power and control.

The Colony is an elite group of vampires sworn to protect the President of the United States from these rogue vampires.

LVS-3D-Cove0Love, Vampire Style
Summary: A COLONY Series Collection. Features the first three novels: Eternal Service, United Service, and Enduring Service
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EternalService_KDP_07252015-100x150Colony Series Novel #1: Eternal Service
ISBN: 978-0-9888222-0-7 (ebook), 978-0-9888222-1-4 (paperback)
Award/Rank: Amazon Top 100 Bestseller list in the categories of Paranormal, Vampire and Romance Series
Number of words: 110K
Released Date: Feb 2013
Editor: Erin Brown, MBS-E Editing & Review Service
Summary: Heartbroken widower, and vampire coven master of the covert vampire group that protects the President, Raymond learns that the human director for his team is retiring. The replacement is a human female operative who has no idea that vampires exist. Due to a threat against the President, Raymond is forced to quickly indoctrinate her into vampire culture. He struggles with reborn romantic feeling even though he has sworn never again to pursue a human woman. The female operative, Alex, accepts the Director position, all while battling her past baggage of not trusting men, let alone large immortal ones. Passion emerges within her, but to remain the Director of the team, and keep the dream career position she has fought for many years to attain, she must remain human with no romantic ties to the team.
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UnitedService_KDP_07252015Colony Series Novel #2: United Service
ISBN: 978-0-9888222-6-9 (ebook), 978-0-9888222-7-6 (paperback)
Award/Rank: Amazon Top 100 Bestseller list in the categories of Paranormal, Vampire, and Romantic Comedy
Number of words: 100K
Released Date: Sept 2013
Editor: Erin Brown
Summary: Sterling Metcalf is a modern-day vampire who clashes with his father’s antiquated ideals. Being the half-breed of the Colony group, Sterling hates being the team’s weakest link. He jumps at an opportunity to do some fieldwork rescuing kidnapped vampire children and is accompanied by Kate Spencer, the nanny of one of the children. Kate is a purebred vampire with a secret of her own. Can Sterling put aside his bad-boy ways and woo the lovely Kate? Will Kate accept the advances of a half-breed? Together, can they save the children from a religious cult who wants to kill them?
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EnduringService_KDP_07252015.jpgColony Series Novel #3: Enduring Service
ISBN: 978-0-9914034-0-0 (ebook), 978-0-9914034-1-7 (paperback)
Completed manuscript.
Number of words: 75K
Released Date: March 2014 (ARCs available Feb 2014)
Editor: Selena Williams, Literally Addicted to Detail (Chelle Olson)
Summary: Colony Agent Sulie Metcalf, the President’s private physician, has been in love with the same human man for nearly thirty years. She refuses to allow herself the joy of true love because her feelings are unrequited by her human boss, Jonathan Dixon. As Dixon’s retirement looms near, and his memories of Sulie and the last thirty years of his life are about to be erased, does she confront her fear of intimacy and take a leap of faith before it’s too late? Dixon has decided to retire and enjoy what time he has left. When his best friend Sulie, a vampire team member, is kidnapped during a medical emergency, Dixon realizes that retirement means giving up everything, and everyone, he’s known for the last three decades. Will he risk his life, and his heart, to save her?
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WilliamCover_KDP_07252015.jpgNovella #1: The Colony: William’s Tale
ISBN: 978-0-9914034-4-8 (ebook)
Completed manuscript.
Number of words: 36K
Completed manuscript.
Released Date: June 2014 (ARCs available May 2014)
Editor: Selena Williams, Literally Addicted to Detail (Chelle Olson)
Summary: While guarding the President at a school event, a vampire COLONY agent, William, meets the woman of his dreams – a human woman who is a teacher at the school. First impressions being what they are, he finds her sexy and opinionated – unfortunately, her dance card appears to be full and he’s unsure how to woo her when he can’t even take her out to dinner, without her being the meal. Jackie discovers a hidden agenda in the President’s school visit and believes William to be a mockery of the American dream of equality for all. Can a past Freedom Rider and racial activist from the 1960s, now turned vampire, prove to the love of his life that he’s not a political puppet?
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ReliantService_KDP_07252015Colony Series Novel #4: Reliant Service
ISBN: 978-0-9914034-2-4 (ebook), 978-0-9914034-3-1 (paperback)
Number of words: 81K
Completed manuscript.
Released Date: May 2015 (ARCs available Feb 2015)
Editor: Literally Addicted to Detail (Chelle Olson)
Summary: After faking his death from an assassination attempt on the President, and retiring his first and only alias with the Colony, Daniel Brighton discovers the mandatory sabbatical to be less than exciting. He chooses to do a favor and act as a security guard for a fading pop-singer, Lori Austin, whose career is winding down. He travels across Europe with her and discovers her past to be one of deception and intrigue with a history leading directly back to the COLONY itself.

Lori Austin is struggling to keep her career alive, and is willing to do what is necessary to save it. From bad press and scandalous stories, she travels across Europe on a relief tour to revitalize her career but doesn’t realize she is traveling with a vampire. Discovering a hidden family secret, she realizes that the one man who can save her is the handsome security guard she fought so hard not to hire.

RSERVICEA COLONY Series Preview Collection Power of Four
ISBN: 978-0-9914034-6-2 (ebook)
Number of pages: 52
Released Date: Nov 2, 2014
Summary: The first four chapters of the first four COLONY books (Eternal Service, United Service, Enduring Service, and William’s Tale).

GuideBookCoverNon-fiction book: An Avid Reader’s Guide to Authors
ISBN: 978-0-9914034-8-6
Released Date: February 1, 2014
Summary: A workbook for avid readers and book reviewer/bloggers to help them keep track of the authors they read. Only in paperback.
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