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The COLONY world, by author Regina Morris.

I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal. In particular, I love the idea of a fantasy world where vampires live among us.

Vampires are faster than we are, strong than we are, and they can live forever. So, why don’t they collectively take over the world? After all, humans are their food. Would they see us as mere cattle or would they live in peace and hide what they are?

Many authors write dark urban stories about hungry vampires feeding off of the unsuspecting to live. I have never preferred those stories. My preference is when an author gives their vampires a humanity to peacefully co-exist with humans. The vampire chooses to live in harmony. It is that aspect that I love in the books that I read.

The vampires I write about live secretly among humans. There is a vampire council to insure that the peace is kept. The one aspect of my world that sets me apart from all other vampire stories out there, is that my vampires can alter their aged appearance by the amount of blood they consume.

Vampires come to age and have their fangs descend at the same time that humans get their wisdom teeth. I call this period in a vampires life their Jahrling Year. Once they pass this year, they eat from a blood only diet. They eat blood and have their spleens process it from their digestive system into their circulatory one. The more blood they have in their system, the younger they appear. The less they have, the older they become. This allows a vampire to move to a town, look about twenty years of age, slowly adjust their intake of blood, and live for seventy years in one place. They eventually fake their death and move to another town where they start the process all over again.

My main series is called the COLONY. I have also started an off-shoot series from that called the COLONY World.

The COLONY series of books are about a covert group of sexy vampires who protect the President of the United States. I chose this vocation for them because I figured there would be rouge vampires in my world who would want to harm the President, so why not have a secret department to handle such occurrences. Plus, I love the idea of my vampires being so open to the press and American people, all while trying to hide who they are. Only the President and a few key officials know of their existence in the government. This leads to some suspenseful stories in my series.

All of my novels are stand alone, full-length stories. Each book features a different member of the COLONY.

Book one, Eternal Service, is about the human director for the COLONY team retiring and a new one—a human female—being chosen to replace him. The vampire leader of the COLONY, Raymond, must indoctrinate Alex into the role. Of course, she doesn’t know vampires exist and they both have baggage that will conflict with their romance.

Book two, United Service, is about Raymond’s half-breed son. He’s the weakest link in the chain, and he knows it. He jumps at an opportunity to track down kidnappers who are stealing vampire children before their Jahrling year, and is accompanied by a beautiful nanny of one of the kids. Kate is smart and sexy, and way out of Sterling’s league.

Book three, Enduring Service, features Raymond’s sister who has been in love with the retiring director for thirty years. Time is running out and she must make a leap of faith or lose Dixon, her true love, forever.

Book four, William’s Tale, is a novella giving back story to team member William and his wife Jackie. Jackie, a teacher, discovers a hidden agenda in the President’s school visit and believes William to be a mockery of the American dream of equality for all. Can a past Freedom Rider and racial activist from the 1960s, now turned vampire, prove to the love of his life that he’s not a political puppet?

I had fun with book five, Reliant Service. I asked myself what would happen if a vampire team member publicly took a bullet to save the President and had to step down from his job, fake his death, and lose his identity. Daniel struggles in this book to remain true to his humanity, even though he watches his funeral and knows that whatever was left of his human life is now dead.

The COLONY World series of books are written in the same world as the vampires in the COLONY. They just don’t protect the President. The main characters in the COLONY World series are the brothers, sisters, friends, etc of the COLONY team members.

Book one of the COLONY World is entitled “Winter Wishes.” In this book, Sterling’s friend Sammy needs a holiday miracle. The Vampire Council is after him, he’s falling in love with his best friend’s mother in law, and there’s stolen Nazi artwork hanging on the wall. Life is spiraling out of control for this Jewish vampire as he spends the Christmas holiday baking cookies and wrapping gifts for the needy.

I love writing these stories. I usually have one of the books for free so you can pick up a copy. Since you can jump into my series anywhere, it doesn’t’ matter if you read the books out of order. Please pick up a copy. You can find all the retailer links for my books at

Author Regina Morris

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