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Interview with Raymond, the hero from “Eternal Service”

Q: Raymond, can you tell me a little more about the COLONY and its role for the US government?

A: Vampires exist. Our numbers may be small, but like in any culture, you have individuals who obey rules and others who do not. These rogue vampires have attacked the U.S. government and the presidents in the past. This is why the COLONY was established. Always a member of the COLONY is in the President’s inner circle of protection.

Q: How would a vampire attack on the President be different from a human one?

A: A vampire could attack in the same ways as a human could. Of course, the human Secret Service would have difficulty in subduing or even killing the vampire attacker. For what would be different, a vampire could compel the President. Perhaps convince the President to declare war, veto a bill, or do something else that is against his administration’s policies.

Q: So the President is aware of the existence of vampires?

A: I think we’re listed on page 90 of the President’s book of secrets.

Q: Really?

A: No. I’m just kidding. I’ve never seen the book, but I do know one exists. I’m sure we’re in there somewhere. Once the President takes office he is briefed about us by the COLONY director.

Q: The Colony director—can you tell us more about that person’s role?

A: The director is a human, and the liaison between the President and our team. The director’s role changes with each President. If the President is uncomfortable in our presence, then he will generally keep his distance and rely on the director to convey anything of importance to us.

Q: Has any President taken un-kindly to having vampires around?

A: Several. They agree to the need, so they rely heavily on the director to interface with us so they won’t have to directly.

Q: Is the current President nervous around vampires?

A: No. He enjoys spending time with a few of the team members.

Q: Which team members?

A: Agent Ben Gatto and my son Sterling Metcalf.

Q: You work with your son?

A: Yes.

Q: Our sources suggest he’s quite the ladies’ man. Would you like to comment on that?

A: No.

Q: Alright, we don’t have to talk about that, but what about his service to the team? I understand Sterling is a half-breed.

A: And you have something against vampires with mixed parentage?

Q: Uh, no. He’s the only member though on your team who wasn’t turned or born a purebred, correct?

A: Yes.

Q: Does that make him a liability?

A: I’m proud of my son’s commitment to this country. He’s a very patriotic and dedicated soldier.

Q: Is he the youngest member of the Colony?

A: No. The youngest would be turning 65 this year. I’m the oldest. I’m 199 years old.

Q: Are you considered an old vampire?

A: By some.

Q: Can vampires die? What can kill you?

A: Can we remain focused on the Colony and its role protecting the presidents?

Q: Of course. When was the Colony established?

A: At the end of the Civil War my sister, son and our friend Ben were all sympathetic to the North. Ben and I fought along some of the northern soldiers that reported directly to President Lincoln. A close military aide to Lincoln discovered what we were. At the time Lincoln feared the end of the war would be prolonged if our existence was known. He already had the human race divided into two and was trying to pull them together, so he wasn’t ready to tackle a new species at the time.

Q: So Abraham Lincoln knew of the existence of vampires?

A: It was one reason he established what is now known as the Secret Service. We were to blend in as best we could. After his death it was decided that we should be our own task force.

Q: I know this will be a delicate question to ask, but with the vampires protecting the president, how was it that JFK was assassinated?

A: That was a tough day for all of us. Our image was always blurred by the non-digital cameras. There were a few reporters who had grown suspicious. Since it was a convertible car, we didn’t sit next to the President that day.

Q: I’m sure your team did everything it could to protect the President.

A: We tried.

Q: You work closely with two of your family members.

A: Yes. Like I said, my sister and son helped me and Ben to establish the Colony.

Q: Can you tell us more about your sister, Sulie?

A: Sulie has always been a blessing in my life. She’s younger than I am, but only by a few years. Our parents died shortly after I was widowed. I had to look after Sulie and my son Sterling on my own. Give them a home, keep them safe. We have always been close.

Q: Since your son is a half-breed, your late wife must have been human. Do many vampires marry humans?

A: No.

Q: But you did. Why did you choose to marry a human woman?

A: Because I loved her.

Q: How did she die?

A: This interview is over.

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