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Review Team Application Form for author Regina Morris

Members receive VIP Club status as well as FREE ebooks!

Terms & Conditions

Before you sign up, there are a few things you NEED to do in order to be on the Review Team*:

  1. You MUST know how to get a link/URL to your reviews – If you don’t know how to do that, CLICK HERE for Amazon instructions and CLICK HERE for GoodReads (which can be used for just about any other website where you leave a review). I’m sorry, but if you’re not familiar enough with using the Internet to get a link to your review, you won’t be able to join my Review Team. I just do not have the time to follow up and research your reviews. I’m sorry.
  2. You MUST Have an Amazon Account – It is free to have an Amazon account. You will not have to leave reviews on Amazon if you don’t want to, but you need it in order for me to send eBooks directly to your device or app. CLICK HERE to create a NEW Amazon account.
  3. You MUST Have a Kindle – All team members MUST have either a Kindle device or the FREE Kindle App, which is available on most smartphones and tablets. CLICK HERE to download the FREE Kindle app on your phone or tablet OR visit your app store and search for “kindle.” If you can’t do this, you can’t be on my Review Team. I’m sorry. See FAQs below for more information.
  4. You MUST add Me as an Approved Sender – Once you have #1 & 2, you’ll need to add “” as an approved sender of documents on your Amazon account. CLICK HERE for instructions. If you do not, the eBooks will not arrive on your app/device. Also, be sure NOT to put anything before the “@” sign to ensure you’ll get the eBooks. Read this page if you’d like to learn how to change your Kindle email address.
  5. You MUST be Age 18 or Older – Since most of my books contain explicit love scenes (rawr!), I do not want to send content inappropriate for young people!

*This does not apply to my reviewers who have been on my Review Team for quite some time and have built a relationship and a history with me. If you have already sent me several reviews and we have personally corresponded several times, then you are one of my trusted reviewers and I am more flexible with you.

Review Guidelines

You do not have to leave a huge review. I’m not expecting large essays. Even a single sentence is fine if you’re not big on words. What I’m hoping you’ll do is share things that other readers might find useful in making a decision about whether or not my books are something they’d like to try. For example, one or all of the following…

  • What you liked &/or disliked about the book
  • Would you recommend it and to whom (e.g., fans of _____ would enjoy this)
  • Perhaps a favorite character or part of the story
  • What you hope to see in coming stories or what you wished could have been in the book (e.g., you wished you could have learned more about a character or a backstory, etc.)

What I’m hoping you WILL NOT do is…

  • Retell the entire story and plot-line of the book – it takes away the surprises
  • Reveal spoilers. If you gasped or thought, “Whoa! I didn’t expect that!” then please don’t share it. It ruins the experience for other readers.

I want your honest opinion, so I’m not trying to control that, but I am trying to help you preserve the experience for someone else, and what is posted by you will be some of the first reviews new readers will see. Let them enjoy the books with the freshness you were able to savor them. Thank you!

If you are okay with the above terms and conditions of joining my Review Team, then just fill out this form. Thank you!

IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER OF MY VIP CLUB: You DO NOT have to fill out the form below. Just CLICK HERE to visit the MailChimp form, enter your updated information (be sure to include the email address you used to sign up for my VIP Club) and then when you submit, you’ll get an error. Not to worry! It should have retained all the information you may have entered into the form…just re-enter your email address and it should update your account. OR you can contact me and ask me to update your records. 😀

Review Team Signup

If you’re still not sure you want to join the team, please read the FAQs below. They might clear up a few things. 

PLEASE NOTE: For audiobooks, you MUST have an Audible account, which is a monthly subscription through Audible (owned by Amazon). I’ll be gifting the audiobook through Audible, so you’ll claim that through your regular email address, but I cannot pay for your Audible subscription.

Sorry you have to go through all this to request a free book in exchange for a review. You can thank all those freeloaders for ruining it for everyone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHY must I have a Kindle? OR WHY won’t you send me the eBook file directly?
Due to recent pirating issues, I’ve had to resort to sending eBooks directly to the Kindle, which is the only way to safely distribute eBooks without giving the eBook file directly to a user. I know it sucks! But because there have been so many readers who are either getting these files and passing them on to all their friends and family OR WORSE, they’re sharing them on websites or Facebook groups, I’ve had to crack down on the way I give out my books for free. If you know of a better way for me to safely distribute eBook files, then please let me know! But please DO NOT insist on sending you the actual eBook files or you will be removed from my entire mailing list. Unless I know you personally, you aren’t getting the eBook files. Sorry.

How long do I have to turn in a review?
Short Answer: 30 days. When you join the team, you’ll get Eternal Service for free via an InstaFreebie link. There is no time limit on this book. The link to the review you write for that book will be what you turn in to request another eBook of your choice from my backlist. When you request another eBook to review, you have 30 days to write and post a review for the book you requested. The time clock starts ticking the day after you request the eBook.

What if I requested and received a free eBook, but then didn’t turn in a review and it’s past the 30-days?
I have a 3-strike rule on my Review Team. If you request a book but don’t turn in a review, that will be one strike against you. If that happens three times, you’ll be removed from the Review Team. COMMUNICATION is the key. You can always let me know you’ve had delays and I will keep track of your time and give you extensions as requested. But please don’t let that be a chronic problem or that will strike against you, too. I have several people on my Review Team who have health issues and are on disability. YOUR HEALTH and the health of your family is the most important thing to me, so never fret if you or your family members had a serious health condition that interfered with getting a review done by a deadline. I usually try to make notes of such situations in my records so I can be conscious of your circumstances.

Health issues aside, the basic rule is don’t request the next book unless you know you can finish reading and reviewing it in 30 days. If you need to have several months in between books, that’s fine, just wait before you request the next book. 😀

How do I turn in a Review?
Just email the link to the review to me and we’ll update our records…and probably gush with enthusiastic appreciation. If you’re ready for the next book to review, you can include the title in the email and the review will be due 30-days after you’ve requested the eBook.

Where should I leave a Review?
Anywhere you’d like! Amazon is one of the best places, but I know not everyone likes to leave them there and some people can’t due to the recent bans Amazon has been doing. The second best place for you to post a review is on your blog! You can also leave a review at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, GoodReads, Facebook or anywhere else your heart desires! I’m not picky! I just need people to see you had an opinion about the book, which helps other readers find their next great read! Thank you!

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