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TimeHistorianCover-02272016A time travel / alternate universe novel
Time Historian
Note: All novels are stand-alone, non-cliff hanger stories. Paperback versions of all the novels are printed with 14pt font.
Summary: Hank’s job at the Historical Preservation Agency is to send recorders back to President Lincoln’s time to preserve the actual events of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. An unforeseen problem arises and within an instant he finds himself living in the Confederate States of America, Lincoln was convicted as a war criminal, and slavery existed for another fifty years. More personally distressing, in the new timeline Hank’s wife dies as a child. He never meets her and their three children are never born. He travels to the past to right what went wrong, but is up for the task?

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What people are saying…

“I found this book very stimulating. The plot was very different and thought provoking. The author has a talent for putting the reader right in the room where the action is. If you are looking for a fun, light, easy and entertaining read, this is the book for you.”

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